Slate Flooring

Slate Flooring Textures. ... Honed Slate Tiles: Honing is a process where the material is polished down until it has a smooth, even surface. Some slates will be able to take a higher hone than others, though few can get to the fully polished state that you often see with marble. The result is a precise look, as well as a floor that is even, without any of the dimensional qualities which can make walking barefoot uncomfortable. <br /> One of the major drawbacks to the honing process is that the colors in the stone tend to lose some of the lustre and vibrancy which they have in their original natural state. These floors are also more slippery when wet, though they still usually have decent traction. At the same time the honing process creates tiles which show both stains and scratches more readily, especially with lighter, and solid color materials. <br /> Solid Color Slate Flooring: The uniformity of hue can vary to differing degrees in different types of solid color slate flooring. Some materials will be a single color, with very little changing from piece to piece. Others will have slight variations within the surface, with shades and shadows clouding across the consistency of the tile’s surface.